Gymnasium Addition and Middle School Expansion

Seven Hills Preparatory Academy outgrew their first home in Bloomington and expanded to a 2nd campus in Richfield on the first floor of an iconic five-story office building. The school kept growing and eventually occupied the entire building.

Doug Feickert designed the conversion of the top two floors, allowing them to expand their offerings to include middle-school students.

While unconventional for a K-8 school, the five-story building with amazing views had everything they needed, except a suitable space for physical education.

Doug also worked with the school to design a 13,000 square foot single story addition that included a full-size gymnasium, a stage, restrooms, changing rooms, P.E. offices and a P.E. classroom. The site includes a new playground, a new bus loading zone, and a heated walkway to connect the gym and the main classroom building.

  • Architect: Doug Feickert – Designer and Architect of Record, with Colliers Architecture

  • Contractor: Rochon

  • Structural Engineering: Anderson Urlacher

  • Civil Engineering: Loucks

Seven Hills Preparatory Academy Designed by local Minnesota Archetect
Seven Hills School redesign in Minnesota done by Local architect Framework Architects
Academy school design done by Minnesota Architect Framework Architects
School gym architecture done by local Minneapolis architect Framework Architects
Minnesota School architect designed Seven Hills Preparatory Academy